'Confero' piano quartet becomes official quartet of Trakai Castle in Lithuania.

Congratulations to 'Confero' piano quartet Ugnius Pauliukonis (piano) Algirdas Šochas (violin) Raphael Unger (cello) and Ieva Sruogytė (viola) for their collaboration with the Trakai Castle. The next couple of years will be full of great music and amazing concert opportunities at the Trakai Castle.

Ugnius Pauliukonis has been awarded with a Silver Medal by the  Worshipful musicians company.

Congratulations for Ugnius Pauliukonis on winning this prestigious award for the excellence in performance. 

Ugnius Pauliukonis has been selected as P&DGYA Artist 2018-2020

This prestigious award enables a lot of concert opportunities around the UK. The P&DGYA young artist scheme is run by the Musicians Company UK and lasts for 2 years for each artist. Out of around 100 applicants only six were chosen for this excellent award.