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Your piano journey starts here...

If you want to be a better piano player, you need to take lessons. You can't just go out, buy a piano and expect to be able to play it like Mozart or Beethoven.
A lot of people think, "Well, I can just learn from YouTube." That's true—but if you only do that, it'll take you years and years before you even get close to where you could be if you had someone guiding you!

It's not enough just to practice; important is the way you practice. 
That's where I come in: I have the experience and knowledge to help guide you through your learning process so that you can make sure you're practicing in the most efficient way possible.

Lessons with Ugnius are a totally unique experience: not only he is an astounding pianist but an exciting, motivational and exceptional teacher<...>

I have recently started having lessons with Ugnius via Skype. I have found it incredibly useful, and feel that the experience has greatly improved my playing. Ugnius has an amazing system of cameras and microphones, meaning that I get good sound and many different viewing angles. Ugnius's professionalism and intuitive teaching style come across well via video. All in all a very profitable experience, and I would highly recommend it.     
Henry, Grade 8

Lessons with Ugnius are a totally unique experience: not only he is an astounding pianist but an exciting, motivational and exceptional teacher. His approach is innovative and personal and I've seen my playing improve significantly under his tuition. Most of all, I'm enjoying practicing again!                                     
Amy, DipABRSM piano student

Ugnius is an amazing piano teacher. I decided to learn the piano relatively late in life but he makes learning as an adult a truly positive experience. After each and every lesson I always find that something that seemed impossible beforehand is now within my grasp. After face to face lessons initially I wasn’t sure how online lessons would work but they do and are just as good. If you are thinking of learning to play the piano then I would highly recommend Ugnius as a teacher!

Sheila Adult Piano Student

We have been having piano lessons with Ugnius since last summer , working towards grade 5 and also catching up on theory .
He has formed a very good working relationship with our teenage daughter and she is progressing well , improving her confidence .
He is very natural and skilled . Sadly the lockdown has interrupted learning for a while but now she is having online lessons instead of face to face , they seem to be working well , waiting for the next date for the exam - I wholeheartedly recommend Ugnius - he is a bit of a horse whisperer!

Tahira Grade 6

Ugnius is an excellent educator, lessons with him cover differents aspects of piano playing and he guides you through your personal difficulties with detail to improve yor playing. The resources he uses during online lessons are definitely helpful.
Gabriela, Grade 8

Ugnius has taught my son wonderfully over the last few years- helping him both to pass grades and learn different styles of music. He is always positive, patient, enthusiastic and has always motivated my son to want to practise and improve. Would fully recommend him to anyone interested in learning the piano at any level.
Simon Grade 4

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